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Prasanna Packaging Machinery Pvt. Ltd.

Precision Packing Systems is a field of specialisation demanding quality, competence, perfection & performance. Space Electricals with over 12 years of experience specialise in every aspect of this field. We manufacture automatic & semi-automatic Filling and Sealing machines for the Dairy, Food, Cosmetic & Chemical industry. We also manufacture Multi- Head Filling Lines & Weighmetric Filling Stations for standard & flame-proof environment. An in-house team of skilled designers use advanced software to create 3-Dimensional models.

The state-of-the-art engineering division builds machines which fill liquids and pastes in containers of different shapes made of plastic, aluminium, glass etc. We have complete command over the whole process starting from understanding customers' needs to transforming them into high-end production machines. Our track record of good manufacturing practices and abiding international norms for quality standards has opened new avenues of exporting all over the world.